Ways to Beat California Car Insurance Rates

If you are looking for car insurance in California, you will find that the expectations for car insurance are like most other states. Drivers are required to at least have liability insurance for vehicles. Of course, if there is a lien against your vehicle, the company owning the lien will usually require that you pay for comprehensive coverage and liability. There are some other things you will want to know about car insurance in California.

Cost of California Car Insurance

When it comes to the cost of car insurance in California, you will find that it is actually among the seven most expensive states for carrying car insurance, according to Insure.com. One reason for California’s high rate of car insurance is that California is currently listed amongst the 10 cities with the highest car theft rates. If a car is stolen the insurance company has to pay to replace the car. Multiply that by the thousands of car thefts in California each year and the cost the insurance companies have to pay out, it is necessary to raise rates. Eight of California’s cities hold records for those car thefts. It is just like everything else. Thieves and dishonest people do what they will and the rest of us have to suffer the consequences of their actions. It seems like it causes a big ripple effect pulling innocent people in with it. Additionally, if you own a car that is on the list of cars most stolen by thieves, your insurance rates will be even higher.

Ways to Lower California Insurance Rates

If you want to decrease your car insurance rates you can take out a policy with a higher deductible, but you will have to be careful when taking this route. Check your finances to ensure that you will have enough money to pay the higher deductible in case something catastrophic does happen. Another cause for higher insurance premiums in California is the higher rate of car accidents per capita good percentage of these accidents involve drivers who are either underinsured or who have no insurance at all.

Also, of course, you can shop around with other insurance providers, as some of them will be able to offer lower rates and special discounts. Different car insurance companies offer different and varied ways to help you lower your premiums. Google car insurance and you will find many sites that will let you put in your information and find rates for you from several different carriers.

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