5 Ways to Overcome Laptop Cursor Not Moving

5 Ways to Overcome Laptop Cursor Not Moving

Laptop Cursor- The cursor that does not move suddenly makes the operation of the laptop unable to run properly. Windows users don't need to panic if they experience this. Here's how to fix the laptop cursor not moving.

A stuck cursor or touchpad can be caused by many factors. Such as dirty touchpad surface, laptop in bad condition, or disabled cursor settings.

However, this stuck cursor condition can still be resolved so that it returns to normal. Summarized from various sources, here's how to fix a Windows laptop cursor that doesn't move.

Use an external mouse

The first way is to use an external mouse connected to a laptop to help move the cursor.

Check while moving the mouse slowly to see if the cursor is still stuck or is starting to move on command.

If after installing an additional mouse the cursor has moved, you can be sure that your laptop's touchpad is dirty or in an inactive state.

Meanwhile, if you are using an external mouse and experience a stuck cursor, try plugging the mouse in another port first to find out if the problem is with the mouse or the port.

Check cursor settings

Laptop cursor not moving can be caused by setting mode disabled previously. Off mode can happen when the user accidentally.

Try clicking the Windows icon on your keyboard, then selecting Settings using the up and down arrow keys. Type Touchpad and click the Enter key.

If the touchpad icon is off, immediately attach an external mouse to reactivate the touchpad and set the desired cursor speed.

Clean the touchpad surface

One of the reasons the cursor is stuck and cannot be moved is that the surface is dirty and dusty. If you are looking for information about business you can visit this site treadmillsandellipticalmachines

You can use a flat-bristled brush to clean the touchpad and keyboard edges, or use a tissue.

Another alternative is to clean it using a microfiber cloth so that the cursor panel is clean again.

Using keyboard shortcuts

Illustration. How to fix laptop cursor not moving (KaboomPics)
Launching TechAdvisor, the solution to reactivate a stuck cursor can be using a keyboard shortcut.

Due to the different types of laptops, try to pay attention to the row of F1 keys and so on. Make sure you find the button with the trackpad icon, which is usually a square.

Usually the trackpad icon keyboard key is on F5, F7, or F9. If you have found it, press the function key or 'Fn' at the same time as one of the keyboard icons.

After simultaneously pressing the Fn and F9 keys, a notification will appear that the touchpad is enabled and the condition is confirmed to be active again.

Restart the laptop

One quick way to fix a laptop cursor not moving is to restart the computer, citing Lifewire.

However, if the computer does not respond, press a key combination on the keyboard, namely, hold down Shift while pressing the Power button, then Shut Down. Or it could be by pressing the Alt and F4 keys simultaneously so that the laptop turns off.

If the mouse still doesn't move after restarting the laptop, there may be a problem with the driver or application. Try uninstalling any recent apps you may have recently installed, then restarting the laptop.

Those are some ways to deal with the laptop cursor not moving that you can try. I hope this helps.

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