Cause The Mouse Is Not Working or Not Moving

Cause The Mouse Is Not Working or Not Moving. The mouse is one of the computer equipment that functions as a cursor drive through its optical system. Not only used for computers, but the mouse is also widely used by laptop users because it is considered easier and more effective to complete difficult tasks using a touchpad.

Cause The Mouse Is Not Working or Not Moving. A mouse that works normally when you plug it into the USB port will turn on and can move the cursor on your computer or laptop. However, in certain cases, the mouse is often blamed as an accessory that is easily damaged. A damaged mouse usually won't turn on or even turn on but the cursor doesn't move at all.

There are many factors that can prevent the mouse from working so that the cursor does not move. Most people will find it difficult to detect damage to the mouse. As a result, they prefer to buy a new mouse instead of repairing an old mouse. The price is cheap and very affordable is the reason many people choose to buy a new mouse.

Clean Dust and Dirt on the Surface of the Touchpad

Sometimes we forget to close the laptop when it's not in use so that dust and dirt land on the touchpad surface without us knowing it.
dust and small dirt that land on the touchpad surface can reduce the sensitivity of the touchpad you use. Even though it's small, the dust and dirt can block your finger's contact with the touchpad.

Adjust Touchpad Settings in Control panel

Usually, a laptop cursor that doesn't want to move and also moves jams can be resolved through the control panel. as usual, business settings can be done in the Control panel without using additional software.

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Download and Install Official Touchpad Software

Maybe we have accidentally uninstalled certain drivers or programs related to the touchpad so that the mos cursor on our laptop won't move. but take it easy, to fix this you just need to download the official touchpad software or driver which is provided free of charge by the vendor you are using.

Press the Laptop Power Button

This method may sound strange but it works 99% for my laptop (it's like a stupid laptop). This can be done by pressing the power button on the laptop until the laptop goes to sleep (sleep mode). after that, wait for about 15 seconds then wake up the laptop from its sleep by pressing the power button or you can also press the space button once.

Cause The Mouse Is On But Not Working or The Cursor Does Not Move

A mouse that turns on but doesn't work so that the cursor doesn't move has many reasons. Each case has different factors so it is necessary to check first to be able to fix the problem. If the cause can be found, then you will easily repair the damage. Here are some causes of the mouse turning on but not working.

USB Port Not Compatible

As we know that the USB port has several types ranging from 2.0 to the latest 3.0. USB ports of different types can affect the connection of one port to another.

There is a broken mouse cable

Inside each mouse has four cables that have different functions. The first red color is the power cable, then the white and green color is the data cable, the last color is black which functions as a ground.

Optical Functions Faulty

Most mice today use an optical system in the form of infrared light to detect movement. If the optical function in infrared is damaged, then it is certain that the cursor cannot move at all.