Computer Engineering: 7 Career Prospects for this Major

Computer Engineering- Students majoring in Computer Engineering tend to focus on hardware, software, and networking in computerized systems. Computer Engineering is one of the popular majors in this era of globalization.

This major is basically a combination of electrical engineering and computer science. So, there is no need to be surprised if the skills of graduates are in great demand by companies and agencies in Indonesia and abroad. This is the reason when talking about job prospects, Computer Engineering graduates have a greater opportunity than other similar majors.

Seven prospects for Computer Engineering graduates:

1. Database Administrator

This work revolves around the maintenance, implementation, repair, design, or tuning of databases. In addition, the Database Administrator (DBA) participates in monitoring strategies to increase capacity and plan, and ensure future development.

Almost all types of internet-based companies such as startups require DBA personnel and skills. So speaking of opportunities, these career prospects are among the promising ones, and for decades to come, companies still need them.

2. Computer Network Architect

This job will require you to design and implement computer network science. In addition, we are also expecting to understand other jobs such as network modeling, analysis, and compilation steps to ensure computer security.

This profession is one that has a large income and many manufacturing or technology companies are in need of this profession. The reason is, that to produce gadgets or other technological devices requires the ability of a computer network architect.

3. Computer System Architect

While the previous profession focused on networking, computer systems architects focused more on systems. Its main task is to carry out the planning implementation and to ensure that the CPU works as designed.

In practice, the computer system architect will decide to document the design, create installation instructions, verify, ensure security, and much more. Therefore, gadget manufacturing companies like Samsung, Apple, and Acer usually need this profession

4. Computer and Information Researcher

This profession may sound foreign to the ear, especially for those who are not very familiar with the world of computers. The main task of researchers who need Computer Engineering graduates is to analyze problems and develop appropriate solutions related to hardware and software.

The skills needed to become a researcher are basic skills in mathematics and telecommunications. Then, this profession is often found in government agencies, foreign private institutions, and multinational companies.

5. Growth Hacker

Although the name tells a story, in fact, this profession is related to the marketing strategy of a company. The main task of Growth Hacker is to process user data into quantitative data as reports to clients. In practice, it is expected to be able to design the system and ensure its quality.

The Growth Hacker profession in Indonesia is still rare. Internet-based companies and marketplaces, such as Traveloka, Gojek, Tokopedia, Shopee, or Lazada really need this skill.

6. Robotic Expert

Computerization is not the only field of study studied by Computer Engineering students; in practical courses, they also study networks and artificial technology manufacturing systems. This is the reason the aim of this department is to become a robotic expert.

7. System and Hardware Engineer

The main task of this profession is a combination of the work of computer systems architect and network architect. Tigas especially, of course, designs a system and hardware from scratch to have maximum functionality. Regarding potential, this profession is clearly needed by many manufacturing and technology companies.

Those are seven career prospects for Computer Engineering majors. How are you interested in studying in this department? Hopefully, the information above is useful, yes!