Creating a Home-Based Agile PM Business

Go to a real estate office and you will see a wall of at least 50 pencils strung up on a easel.  This is called a planner's desk.  It is a literal representation of the technique that we use to organize and prioritize the many projects we are required to manage.  There is only one rule that governs the way in which we organize our work tasks.  That rule is this:  Out with the old, in with the new. As outlined on an agile project management training course.

Many years ago, when I was about 8 years old, I dropped out of school and became a truck driver.  My first real world experience was not pleasant.  Each week I would have to get on a rig and haul some fairly heavy and tricky boxes to and from the loading dock.  Now I'm the most organized person on the planet (so I thought) and so I just would not let my truck and trailer get in the way.  At one point I had to empty my trailer of the stocked steelheading that was a byproduct of this day's product.

When your dreams of becoming a truck driver are romantic, then write that down because there is no getting around this reality.  However, what if you can remember being raised on television?  Sometimes I wonder what we learned about these matters from "Hard Copy" but at the end of the day I can't wait to reach the office and someone will ask me how he or she can do my job.  One person's tab is another's grin.

I think the most enduring artistic epigram of my generation comes from a fairly minor book that I read about my grandfather.  We have all heard this saying many times:  "Whenibles fall by the wayside, they are paid off."  I like my paycheck more than I like my favorite magazine, now you ask what about the product?  Oh... more money, something we can use.  If I find the right tool to make my life easier, I am indeed fortunate.  It reminds me of the story of the team of skiers who landed on the ice objective (Sam's Deli) and then Mom got the "chuck" that  guaranteed there was ice in our References page.

What does this episode teach us about priorities?  The moment that we activate the power of new information and creativity in our lives we set the stage for productivity.  No matter what business field you are working on, you must project a strong work ethic and never let anything get between you and your goals and responsibilities.  I don't mean for nothing that you must be self-motivated and driven to succeed.  I do, however, mean you must focus and concentrate on your job before anything else.  Managers will not put you in charge simply because they are so sincerely equipped to provide you with what is needed of you.

You may be able to succeed with no outlay of capital or anything else.  Creating a home based business requires nothing more than a computer, an internet connection and a desire for the freedom of making your own decisions.  If you are wishing for your business success, you must create it when it is complete.  As you take on necessary experience, you can add what is necessary to make your business  a reality.

As you discover the intersection that exists between something you enjoy and what you want, use this as a tool to motivate you to continuously add and get involved in project management.