Difference Between iPhone and Android

Difference Between iPhone and Android. Smartphones from Apple with the iOS operating system and Google with the Android operating system have fanatical fans all over the world. As a result, many people who want to buy a smartphone are confused when they want to choose between an iPhone or an Android smartphone. The difference between iPhone and Android is apparent, and each has advantages and disadvantages.

Here are 7 differences between Android and iPhone

In terms of sharing data, the iPhone is a little more complicated

For iPhone users, perhaps the problem of sharing data comes in one of the most annoying things. You see, to send or receive data such as songs, you have to move it via iTunes. This means that you also have to install the iTunes application on your laptop or PC. Also, the iPhone is quite complicated in using Bluetooth. iPhone will only transfer data via Bluetooth to fellow iPhone users. This is done to reduce the risk of spreading viruses accidentally carried over by the transferred files. Unlike Android, which has the freedom to share data. Android can receive or send data without the hassle of an iPhone user. As long as there is a data cable, all those problems are solved.

Freedom of display modification that iPhone does not have

iPhone is an exclusive product. Because it is so exclusive, users cannot change the appearance of the home screen, starting from the logo, themes, to the transitions on each slide. iPhone users can only change their screen wallpaper. If you are bored with the standard iPhone appearance that is just like that, you can jailbreak it. Of course with all the consequences that you have to accept, such as loss of warranty.

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Android can add external memory capacity

Since a long time ago, the iPhone has had a predetermined storage capacity from the start. Since the days of 8GB, 16GB memory, up to now 256GB of memory is available on the iPhone X. The higher the memory capacity, of course, the price of the iPhone keeps getting more expensive.

Android spare parts are easier to find

Android users can pride themselves on this one. You see, not a few of the iPhone users complain that the price of iPhone spare parts is expensive and difficult to find. The easiest example is the iPhone makes a special charger for products manufactured by Apple only.

Some applications are only available on iPhone

Products made by Apple are known to be more exclusive than Android. Apart from the data transfer process, iPhone users also usually have their own "luxury" in several applications on the market.

More accessories for iPhone

Apple is a vendor that rarely releases the latest smartphone. That's why iPhone users have a lot of flexibility when they want to choose accessories for their favorite smartphones. One of them is the casing. Unlike Android. There are tons of models and types from each Android manufacturer. That's why, for those of you who buy the latest Android smartphone, usually you will have trouble finding accessories such as screen protectors or cases for special types.

Price, iPhone is higher

Maybe it's not an open secret that products made by Apple do have a higher price than Android products. Apart from the purchase price, it seems that the selling price of the iPhone is still relatively high on the market. Most products made by Apple such as the iPhone are usually sold, the second price is not too far from the purchase price. Unlike Android, where most of the price fell when sold.