Most Expensive Apple Product

Most Expensive Apple Product

Most Expensive Apple Product

Most of Apple’s products are known to be expensive, compared to products in its class from other manufacturers. Apple’s newly launched products usually have improved performance and better materials than the previous generation. So, it is quite natural that Apple sells its newest product at a higher price than the previous series.

However, of all the products that have been launched since the company’s inception, some of them have become Apple’s most expensive products to date. These products are priced very high, above the average of other Apple products.

Usually, Apple products that are priced at fantastic prices are special editions that are only launched at certain times, so they are rare items. So, what are the most expensive Apple products to date?

Apple Watch “Edition” (2015)

Apple Watch as Apple’s smartwatch product was first launched in 2015 with an initial price of around the US $ 349 (Rp 5 million). With this product, Apple apparently wants to target watch collectors. Then, Apple launched a special edition of this first generation Apple Watch with the name Apple Watch “Edition”.

This smartwatch was sold with prices ranging from 10,000-17,000 US dollars at that time. If converted to today’s rupiah exchange rate (worth Rp. 14,300), the highest price is around Rp. 243 million, a price that is far above the average Apple Watch.

At this price, Apple offers a band and watch case wrapped in 18 ct gold on the Apple Watch “Edition”. To know more about Home construction you can visit this site officialngowari

Mac Pro (2019)

In addition, the next most expensive Apple product is the Mac Pro 2019. This Apple computer CPU product is actually sold at an initial price of 6000 US dollars (around Rp. 86 million).

However, the highest variant of the Mac Pro 2019 makes the price much more expensive. The price of the highest variant of the Mac Pro 2019 is estimated to reach 52,000 US dollars (Rp. 745 million).

At that price, the Macbook Pro 2019 could have superior specifications, such as a 28-core Intel Xeon processor, up to 1.5 terabytes (TB) of RAM, and two Radeon Pro W6800X Duo graphics cards, and up to 8 TB of internal storage.

iMac Pro (2017)

Apple’s next most expensive product is in the computer sector, namely the iMac Pro, which was released in 2017. The initial price of the iMac Pro with standard specifications, is actually only sold for 5,000 US dollars (Rp 71 million).

However, the highest version of the iMac Pro with enhanced specifications can reach a price of around 13,200 US dollars (Rp 189 million). At this price, the iMac Pro will be supported by an 18-core Intel Xeon W processor and up to 4 TB of internal storage.

Macintosh IIfx

Before the 2000s, Apple had also launched a computer product at a very expensive price, namely the Macintosh IIfx. This computer was popular with some workers in the 1990s.

Apple once sold the Macintosh Ilfx at a price of up to 12,000 US dollars (roughly around Rp. 172 million using current exchange rates). Even though at that time, the Macintosh IIfx was only equipped with a Motorola 68030 40 MHz processor with 4 MB RAM.

Apple Lisa

The most expensive Apple product also exists for a longer period, namely the Apple Lisa. The computer is Apple’s first product that uses a mouse and has a user interface (UI).

Apple Lisa was launched in 1985 at a very high price in its day, which was 9,995 US dollars. As compiled from BusinessInsider, this price may now be equivalent to 24,000 US dollars (Rp 344 million). Those are Apple’s five most expensive products, at least so far. It’s not impossible, Apple will release another product with a fantastic price tag in the future.