Multiple Reasons for Using A Divorce Lawyer

Divorce is a last resort when domestic problems have no common ground. But sometimes couples don't have much time to take care of a divorce, not to mention having a time-consuming divorce trial.

The divorce process itself can be made easier if it is assisted by the services of a lawyer. Like an outside experience that decides to divorce and uses the services of a lawyer. The original plan did not use a lawyer, but because the divorce process was quite complicated, he decided to use the services of a lawyer.

Through lawyers, there is no need to register for divorce in a religious court and legalize it. Everything has been taken care of by the lawyer. The lawyer who records household problems then gives the file to the religious court.

The first subpoenas for divorce were sent a week after lawyers submitted divorce files to the religious court. The trial process is carried out after two weeks of the subpoena.

After that, there was no need to attend the trial and just wait for the divorce certificate to come out. The divorce certificate comes out after four months from registering for divorce.

Divorce is said to have no significant obstacles because we both agreed to divorce. This also facilitates and speeds up the divorce process and again there is assistance from lawyer services.

Several reasons to use a Tulsa divorce attorney

  • lay against the law; Usually, the need to use the services of a divorce lawyer is because you are unfamiliar with legal matters and do not know the procedures for divorce proceedings
  • Cannot attend the trial; Not all people who are suing or being sued for divorce can attend all stages of the trial for reasons of busywork. On this occasion, the services of divorce lawyers can assist those who are unable to attend the trial.
  • The husband/wife does not want a divorce; Because usually if one of the parties does not agree to divorce, the trial process will take longer, however, the husband or wife still has the right to file for divorce.
  • Lost original marriage book / incomplete documents; Often the original marriage book is lost or one of the parties does not want to give it to the party who wants to file for divorce, for this matter a lawyer can help obtain the document as a condition for filing a lawsuit
  • One of the parties doesn't want to meet again; There are many things, for example, domestic violence has occurred so that there is a sense of trauma, or threats of violence so that direct contact is avoided, however, the panel of judges will still be obliged to mediate to make peace
  • One of the parties is a civil servant; because the special requirements for civil servants other than the original marriage book and KTP are that there must be a permit from the superior if you want to file a lawsuit to the Court, therefore your divorce lawyer will help the process until it is completed
  • communicating the client's wishes; On the other hand, lawyers can also bridge communication between the parties who are going to divorce in discussing all the agreements to be reached, for example, joint property, ex-wife livelihoods, child custody, and other important matters.

For divorce, there is no standard regarding the attorney's fees. While the court fee for this divorce depends on which court you are filing for divorce and the level of complexity of the legal case.