Play PC Games That Make Money!

Play PC Games That Make Money!

Play PC Games That Make Money!

Playing games is not always a waste of time! You can benefit from games in several ways, one of which is by playing PC games that make money.

Yes, there are some bona fide PC games that are liked by many people so they have the potential to make you free from this activity. No need to wait any longer, this is the PC game that will make you big profits.

Market Glory

This game requires you to develop a city like SimCity. Not only thinking about urban planning, you also have to think about the economic, social, even political, and defense aspects of the city. Playing it makes you feel like you are the mayor of a city, enough to sharpen your brain and not make you bored.

You can trade with other users to earn money. Things that can be traded to other users are resources such as food, building materials, and so on. In addition, your city’s achievements can also be exchanged for Euros.

Dungeons & Treasures

You can easily access this online game through The premise is also quite easy to understand, really. You just need to explore the dungeons and look for the hidden treasures under there.

The treasure is calculated in units of gold and can be exchanged for rupiah. Every hundred thousand gold costs Rp. 1,500. Then, if you are diligent in playing this game, you can get Rp. 50 thousand to Rp. 2 million per month, you know!

Entropia Universe

As the name implies, this game, which was released in 2003, offers a new universe. So, Entropia Universe has several planets that you can explore. You will be given several missions and must complete them on these planets. To know more about lifestyle society you can visit this site vegetarianorganiclife

Every time you complete a mission, you will get money online in the form of PED. Well, 10 PED can be exchanged for US $ 1. Wow, this can definitely make you more enthusiastic in completing the mission.


This PC game which is quite viral and is liked by pro players does provide many opportunities to make money, namely through buying and selling items and competitions. Even Kyle Giersdorf, a teenager from the United States, managed to bring home US$3 million or equivalent to Rp42 billion in 2019 for winning the global Solo World Cup match.

The premise of Fortnite is pretty easy to follow. It is a first person shooter game where you have to survive by shooting both individually and in groups.


This game with the MOBA concept is not only fun and counted in tournaments, but it can actually help you earn money. The way to get rupiah coffers through DOTA 2 is by trading items via the Steam Community. Then, the more diligent and pro you play, the more cool items you get and the greater your potential to earn money.

To maximize your potential to make money from PC games that make money, of course you need more than just a can of laptop. The range of the best gaming laptops from Predator can help you become a pro player who is not only successful in playing games that make money, but also makes it to tournaments.