Reasons Kids Should Have Access To Technology From An Early Age

Many of life's unthinkable feats have been met and surpassed as a result of growing technological innovations. Man has been able tosuccessfully fly to space and explore the galaxies beyond the earth. Connections amongst various parts of the world are made almost instantaneous, and physical interactions get eliminated.

Technology has become an inevitable part of man's life as one can barely survive without technology in today's fast-moving world. The rising level of socialization, employment, and cultural propagation happening with globalization has made it almost impossible to survive without technological involvement. Technology has become an inseparable part of one's lives, such that we move, eat, and sleep technology.

A lot of people can barely imagine their lives without a smartphone and technology. Advancements in technology have even helped foster better communication as social media platforms, the internet, and other technological applications have brought people closer. Today one can easily find long friends over Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and can reinstate communication.

Although the positive effect of technology has been numerous, it's adverse effects also stand. Peopleread reviews about electronic companies and observe the creative destruction emerging technology possess to other business. Many people also believe technology is directly responsible for the increase in Social vices noticeable in society. That has brought about increased debates on if kids should be allowed access to technology from an earlier age or not.

Irrespective of the increased opinions on why parents should disallow kid access to technology, the following remains the positive side of this innovation.

Freedom of expression

Kids have great imaginations that are too big to be contained, unlike in the past, where only crayons and coloured markers were the only tools at their disposal in conveying those ideas into reality; the advent of computers and so much more makes the conversion of those thoughts into reality easier. Instead of drawing with just the use of pen and paper, they can now draw and even create 3D animations with computers and 3D printers. Who knows if those ideas could be the prototype to a million-dollar business.

Socialization and relationship building

One can never really know where early childhood exposure stems from and where the resulting relationships will lead a child—the chances of a child finding otherkids to interact and bond with increases considerably over technology. Like sports, reading, and more video games, social media, and mobile apps are all hobbies kids love to engage in, and the opportunity for socialization with technology is improved.

Independence and empowerment

With the availability of technology, kids can carry out processes independently, which leads to greater empowerment. While technology enhances the act of creating things, which is cool enough, it also enforces the feeling of independence and license, which can be incredibly powerful beyond what words may describe. If kids get the opportunity to jump in and do things with technology now, they'll be in a better position to keep pushing and achieving feats as they grow older.

Problem solving and perseverance

Technology gives freedom of expression to kids, and with such space comes the chance for them to independently set out and achieve something on their own. While doing so, they face roadblocks and challenges that they must clear if they are to reach the set goals, so they learn how to persevere and solve hurdles independently. An example is the survival mode of gameplay experience found in several different video games in which the player gets tasked with staying alive to outlast opponents. Sure one can make an argument that kids would abuse such privilege of given the opportunity. Nonetheless, the advantage it possesses to them is more significant than if the technology was non-existent. One way to integrate kids properly with technology at an early age is to get them a smart device. One can see reviews about Fonehouse to have insights about the right device to select for one's kid.