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McAfee Inc., as it is known today, is an American computer software company that offers its service worldwide, and is one of the world’s largest security technology companies in both revenue and market share. AVG Technologies is a software development company that focusses on system security. Founded by Jan Gritzbach and Tomas Hofer in 1991, AVG is now headquartered in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

  • Protecting your company computers, your business data, and your customers' data should be a top priority for 2019.
  • Life expectancy for some computer hardware parts is three to four years.
  • At some point, your hardware may fail or it may become too old to perform adequately for your needs.
  • Examples include a specialist need for a specific computer configuration, manufacturer or certified hardware.
  • Whether you’re looking for a laptop, tablet or desktop computer, you’ll find a range of computing technology to suit every budget.

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