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Wi-Fi is available free of charge at all our library buildings, as well as other locations throughout the borough. The internet is a global network of computers that use protocols indiancultureonline.com and data packets to exchange information. There are a range of different protocols to do different jobs on the network. Staff are available for quick help and troubleshooting.

  • If you are having trouble with this form you can try logging in here.
  • Screen magnification and screen reading software are available on all computers.
  • The fundamentals of hardware, software, the Internet and smartphones are explained, using examples and diagrams that are easy to follow.
  • You can access the library catalogue through the computers in our libraries.
  • If you’re not a library member, you can join on the spot, subject to evidence of identity – ask for details.
  • If you enjoy IT and would like to help other people in your
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