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People are concerned about child poverty, and the extent to which the public sector is working to improve the quality of life for people and children in poverty. Child hunger is a particular concern for people and they want to understand the root causes for hunger. People also want to ensure we ask those living in deprived areas to find out what they feel would improve their lives. Recovery is about getting people self-sufficient and no longer dependent on the public services. Alcohol and drug use can be contributory factors in susceptibility to injury or death from fire in the home. Many substances affect people’s ability to judge and react to danger – cooking after drinking alcohol can be a specific risk, for example.

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Dominika is an Investment Analyst for the Arts & Culture Impact Fund, a social investment fund offering repayable finance to arts, culture and heritage organisations across the UK. The new fund is our biggest to date and the world’s largest social impact investment fund for the arts, culture and heritage sectors. The value of arts and culture to people and society outlines the existing evidence on the impact of arts and culture on our economy, health and wellbeing, society and education. In addition to the traditional arts, contemporary artists are finding creative ways to express themselves amid AlUla’s extraordinary landscape. Desert X 2020 brought 14 contemporary art installations from acclaimed artists to AlUla that complimented the region's magnificent landscapes and storied heritage.

  • South Yorkshire has a wealth of creative talent and impressive cultural assets to showcase to the rest of the UK and the world.
  • Not only do they bring
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programing software

In traditional programming, your task is to take complicated rules and translate them into code; most of your power is spent doing the translating, rather than thinking about the principles themselves. It’s a way of focusing less on the machine and extra on the problem you’re trying to get it to unravel.

And the staff has just revealed a new device that takes builders one step nearer to the prospect of, one day, having machines that can program themselves. Software 2.0 is code written by the optimization based mostly on an analysis criterion (corresponding to “classify this training information accurately”). If you had a C++ code and somebody wished you to make it twice as quick (at cost of efficiency if needed), it would be highly non-trivial to tune the system for the new spec. However, in Software 2.0 we can take our network, remove half of the channels, retrain, … Read More