Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Computer from Dust

Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Computer from Dust. How to take care of computers
Tips on How to Take Care of a Computer / Laptop / PC from dust and dirt properly and well, of course, it is our common homework to stay healthy and not easily damaged.

Tips for Cleaning and Caring for Computer from Dust. Owning computers and laptops is not only used, but we also have to be smart and diligent in taking care of them. Computers that are often maintained even if only clean them from dust, this is very beneficial for the computer itself. If the computer has never been maintained, of course, the life of the computer will be shorter, and vice versa. If your computer is frequently maintained even of dirt and dust, this can extend the life of the computer and allow you to use it longer. A long-lived computer is not just the brand, the specifications, and the price of the computer.

Cleaning a computer, of course, cleans the components on these devices. One of the components on a computer that must be treated is the CPU. The existence of this CPU is very important so don't be lazy to take care of it. When the CPU is dirty and there is a lot of dust attached to these components, then you cannot work with the computer optimally. Even if the CPU is full of dust, it may shut down spontaneously. Dust and dirt that sticks to the CPU can cause the CPU components on the computer and laptop to overheat and eventually turn off on their own.

How to do it so that when we clean it, it doesn't damage the RAM or hard drive. Unlike computer software that can be cleaned with antivirus. If you want to clean your computer safely follow the steps.

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CPU Fan and Heatsink

The part of the computer that is located at the bottom of the CPU is in charge of controlling electricity intake so that it can enter various components, just as the human heart provides blood supply to various components in our body. Well, the components in the CPU often become a dust den and can interfere with their performance.
How to clean it by using a clean brush on the CPU Fan Heatsink section, first we have to separate the two parts. Then open the Fan attached to the Heatsink. Then clean the Heatsink with a damp cloth and clean the Fan just like cleaning the Fan Casing.


A component whose job is to provide information to the motherboard and immediately broadcast to the monitor quickly. So, we have to keep RAM clean because if we don't clean it, it can hang [long loading].
How to clean it, you have to be careful not to damage parts of RAM. First, remove the RAM from the socket, use a pencil eraser. Gently rub the pin part of the ram [the gold one], rub it gently until the pin looks shiny. Then, clean the RAM socket with a small brush.

Hard drive

The hard disk is a very important component, because all the data is there, both data from the computer itself and personal data. This one component, if not cleaned, will not be a big problem. However, if not cleaned, the dust will transfer to several other components.
How to clean it is very easy, use a medium-sized brush to clean it, then use a damp cloth to clean the remaining dust that sticks. So, take care of the hard drive as often as possible so that it is durable and runs well.