Top 5 Online Education Platforms to Learn Coding

Coding is an important knowledge for most businesses owners that have moved online. It isn’t just what software engineers and IT professionals need to master. There are other classes of people that are interested in learning how to code. You can see the professions that require coding knowledge on

Coding is all about how people communicate with the computer. It is about creating a set of instructions that the computer reacts to for faster functionality. Learning coding can be a way business owners can manipulate what websites visitors see and how they interact with their websites.

Physical learning sometimes costs a fortune. But you can save money by learning online. Some online educational platforms translate the teaching resources into different languages. It is all about helping people understand the nitty-gritty of coding and computer language. Below are some of the institutions where you can learn from:

1.  Treehouse:

With over 1,000 videos, students can practice and learn coding through the quizzes and the set challenges for completion. The library is often updated to further enhance individual knowledge. When you complete the right skillset, you earn a publicly visible badge. There are chances for free trials, and Treehouse is also affiliated to offline partners. This means that if you’re well equipped and talented, you can get recommended for a job.

2.  Khan Academy:

With numerous practice and tests, you can use the instructional videos to better your coding knowledge and skills. There is also a means to customise your learning dashboard which enhances personalised learning. There are over 36 languages the resources available are translated to. This means that regardless of your cultural background, you can still learn and sharpen your skills.

3.  Codecademy:

Here, you get to explore paths like PHP, Python, NET, HTML/CSS, Git, JavaScript, SQL, etc. according to your interest. You can easily practice and pass through challenges to earn badges and points. Enrolling in the school grants you unlimited access to over 69 courses and about 253 screencasts which are to sharpen your knowledge of the concept.

4.  CodeWars:

With their offering of creative and fun means to learning, the martial art themed course brings in practically innovative ways of learning. You get to choose a specific coding language you want to learn.  You can also challenge your colleagues on a platform called “kata” where you can enhance your skills. You can even expand your knowledge on coding aspects you are not vast in through the platform.

5.  Coursera:

With different programming courses from the University of Washington, Stanford University, University of Toronto, Coursera is loaded with courses in different languages. With the help of subtitles for the video lectures, you get to effectively listen and understand the lecturer. Some tests enable you to continue to the next phase. With the community discussions and assignments, your coding skills can be developed without physical teachings.

Other online educational platforms to learn the computer programming language include EdX, Udemy, UdaCity, FreeCodeCamp, GitHub, MITOpenCourseware, The Odin Project, etc. You can choose any of these platforms depending on your budget and your schedule.