Types and Functions of the Software

Types and Functions of the Software. In order for a computer to operate, it requires software or software. Nowadays the choice of software types is very large. You can rely on it for design needs, video editing, playing games, and so on.

Types and Functions of the Software. Software developers are always doing development so that there are more features that make it easier for users. If hardware or hardware has a physical form, on the other hand, the software has no physical form. Computer software is defined as a set of electronic data, which is stored and then controlled by computer devices. Therefore, different software can be installed on each computer. Because the software installation is tailored to the wishes of the user.

Kinds of Software

Operating System (Operating System)

Operating System is a program that functions to control the basic work system so as to regulate the work of input, output media, coding tables, memory, processor scheduling, and others.

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Programming Language (Programming Language)

Language software is a program used to translate instructions written in a programming language into machine language with certain rules or procedures, in order to be accepted by the computer.

There are 3 levels of programming language, namely:

Low-level language. This language is also called machine language (assembler), where the coding of the language uses the numeric code 0 and 1.

High-level language. This language is included in a programming language that is easily learned by computer users because it uses English.

Fourth-generation language (4 GL). The 4 GL (Fourth Generation Language) programming language is an object-oriented language called Object-Oriented Programming (OOP).

Auxiliary Programs (Utility)

Software is software that functions as an auxiliary application in activities related to computers, such as formatting floppy disks, copying data, compressing files, and others. By getting to know a variety of software, you can understand the various products and their functions.

Software System

There are a number of the software used as a computer operating system.

Browser Software

When you want to find certain information, you will usually do it with the help of a search site.

Microsoft Office

As the name implies, this software does have a function of supporting office affairs. Such as typing documents, accounting, media presentations, and so on.

Paint Software

This software functions as an image or design processor. So you can make a certain image or pattern, do editing, and so on.

Anti Virus Software

Virus attacks can happen to every computer, especially those who frequently surf in cyberspace, often download files, and so on. For that, computers need a protection system so they are not susceptible to viruses.