Types of Computer Keyboard You Need to Know

Types of Computer Keyboard You Need to Know

Computer Keyboard- As an important part of computer equipment, the keyboard has a vital role to input data. However, did you know that there are actually various types of keyboards? The different types are designed to make it easier for users.

Computer Keyboard Type

Here are six types of keyboards, from the familiar to the ones you may never know because they have unique and unusual shapes, as reported by Kompas Tekno lama.


The type of keyboard that is very familiar is the QWERTY. This type is commonly used for various activities that use computers. The arrangement and layout at the beginning uses a QWERTY font arrangement.

The invention of this keyboard was patented in 1868 and it was Christopher Sholes who was credited with discovering this concept. Mentioned, the QWERTY type is more efficient and reduces damage to the typewriter at the beginning of its creation first. To know more about sports you can visit this site lidaweb

Ergonomic Type

Next there is the ergonomic type. In terms of the design itself, it looks unique and different from the keyboard in general. It is designed to make it easier for users to position their fingers more naturally when typing. Each brand or manufacturer certainly has a different design.

For example, the button layout is not straight. Then, there are also manufacturers who do divide the buttons into two separate parts or split. Another important feature of this ergonomic keyboard is the wrist rest or wrist pad. The goal is to make it more comfortable to lean on and prevent user fatigue when typing.

DVORAK Keyboard Type

In addition to the keyboard with a QWERTY model, the DVORAK type has also been developed. The name refers to its creator, August Dvorak. The keyboard was introduced after 60 years of the emergence of QWERTY.

That said, the DVORAK type keyboard is claimed to be more efficient in typing at a rate of 10-15%. The most striking thing on this type of keyboard is the arrangement of vowels, namely A, I, U, E, O in the middle or second row.

Multimedia Type

For those of you who are working in the multimedia field, of course you need a computer device with a design and supporting features as well. One of them is the type of multimedia keyboard. The appearance is indeed different from a regular keyboard, and there are additional keys.

The function is to make it easier for users to do multimedia work. For example there is a mute button. Then, there are also other buttons that make it easier to set up. Starting from play/pause, volume, and next/previous track when listening to songs.

Vertical Type

Of the various types of keyboards, the vertical type is the most different from the others and is considered 'weird' in terms of appearance. Its unique design design aims to make it easier for users. So, almost the same with an ergonomic keyboard.

This keyboard has an arrangement of letters on the right and left in a vertical position. The reason is, typing vertically can reduce fatigue for the user's hands. However, it is quite rare for anyone to type vertically. If you want to use it, it will take time to adapt.

Gaming Keyboard Type

Finally, the gaming keyboard. At first glance this type is almost similar to a multimedia keyboard. Namely there are several selection buttons that make it easier for users called macro buttons. That way, users don't have to use key combinations, just press macro keys.

In addition, on this gaming keyboard there is a backlight. These lights serve to make the display of the keys clearer and make the keyboard design even cooler when used.