Where and How to Buy a Prepaid Card in Milan in 2022

Planning a visit to the charming city of Milan for the holidays? You couldn't have chosen a better destination.

Milan is one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Italy. You can purchase your air ticket through eDreams as you plan for an amazing holiday experience in Milan.

Is Milan an expensive city?

Being Italy's business centre, Milan is the most expensive city in Italy to spend your holiday in, but it is worth your money.

Why prepaid method?

You may be thinking about your options for carrying money. Using debit cards may incur more costs and prepaid cards become the better option. Most Italians do not trust banks, making prepaid cards the most preferred method of payment.

This is because Prepaid products are relatively much cheaper compared to traditional debit card accounts and credit card products. For this reason, prepaid cards are readily available.

Quality of the internet in italy

The internet in Italy, especially in Milan, is quite fast and very reliable, meaning you can make the purchase online without any problem.

Italy has led the rest of Europe in the development and adoption of prepaid products.

Other European countries are just beginning to embrace the prepaid option.

The fact that prepaid cash usage in Italy has grown so rapidly in such a short space of time, is all the more surprising given the dominance that cash has enjoyed as a payment method.

So clearly, Italian consumers are comfortable with payment card usage and are using their cards more and more at the expense of cash usage.

Different  types of prepaid cards in Italy

There are several types of prepaid cards on offer in Milan.

When going shopping for a prepaid card, it is important to first make a comparison of the different cards.

There are different features and associated fees for different prepaid cards.

The card is a savings credit card. It has all your money in it, also it is a MasterCard so you can use it anywhere.

 There are no transaction fees so you save a lot of money.

The only downside is that there is a withdrawal fee, however, every bank charges different rates and even with credit cards such as Visa and America, there will always be withdrawal fees.

 As stated earlier there are different types of prepaid cards on offer in Italy, the most common is Nexi prepaid card.

Next prepaid cards

Nexi prepaid cards are easy to top up and can be used to make secure purchases online and in shops or to withdraw cash.

 It is suitable for everyone, even those who do not have current accounts.

 It is quite suitable for people who require a flexible, convenient, and secure method of payment.

This reloadable prepaid card is suitable for ages between 12 and 18 as it does not require them to have a current account.

It allows them to manage their money and also make secure purchases in Italy, worldwide, and online and to top it up quickly.

You can request a Nexi prepaid card in the Nexi banks or make a request online.


Postpay is also a very popular Italian paying method.

The payment brand of the Italian post( Poste Italiane) is co-branded with Visa and Mastercard, thus it works according to the international schemes of these credit card brands.

Therefore post-pay also has the advantages of Visa and MasterCard in terms of ease of use, security, and service.

Since it is a prepaid card, money must be deposited on the card before making payments with it.

Postpay is available in different versions:

  • Postpay evolution combined with MasterCard
  • The postpay standard is combined with Visa.
  • Variants that are not linked with visa or master cards.

You can request your post-pay card online and get it within a very short time.

In Italy, the majority of the prepaid cards are issued by retail banks as general-purpose cards, not tagged at specific consumer segments.

Things are changing remarkably as a growing number of non-banking institutions and service providers are looking towards the prepaid card market as a way to introduce innovative services and gain traction in the payments arena.

With the way prepaid cards are being embraced in Italy, people may in the future go cashless.

As for now both cash and prepaid cards are being used widely. Banks on the other hand do not have a big following.

With a prepaid card, you can enjoy your holiday in Italy without having to worry about your money in some bank.